Music.. Possy.. Emma..

January 22, 2010

At last, something about programming…

But not so fast. The topic I would like to share came indirectly from music. Or better say Xpress Music. As I was sitting and playing with my mobile, suddenly I saw program called pod-casts. I knew what that meant , but never tried it so far. So I pressed the button… I was deeply impressed by the numbers of channels there. The topics vary from absolute stupidity to very hard philosophy. But more impressed by the name of the first channel – Java Possy. Well this may sound confusing… but Java was the keyword for me. So I tapped there. After several seconds I was listening to an interesting discussion about software testing and QA. Podcasts may be useful…

One of the things that have been discussed was the test coverage and the useful tools. Then I suddenly remembered my experience on the topic. The tool we were using in our last project was Emma.  I found it very useful. Actually this changed my opinion on unit tests. I have only few years in programming, but I know that writing unit tests is not so easy. I mean technically this is not that hard. But question is, will this tests guaranty that all aspects, states of given code are well tested… sometimes it is not easy to say. To make it easier to say, the test code coverage tools can be very useful. For example Emma provides very extensive statistics about tests for your code. It can give you even more detailed view, directly highlighting the code which is covered by tests and which is not.

This helped me a lot. I see these tools as “Must Have!!!”