So, here are some photos from the event. Not the best quality… I have the feeling that my camera is getting too old… But still, hope you enjoy them)))






Yesterday was a really wonderful day. I have visited the lecture of the creator of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales! It is really cool to see one of the 100 most influential people in the world just from 4-5 meters.

So… the impressions. Well, he is cool! He works very nice with his audience. Very informative and with lots of humor. This makes you fill comfortable and you really do not recognize the time. He said many really good jokes. My girlfriend has recorded them. I will post a link to her blog as soon as she publishes them (and if I am allowed).

Now about the content of the lecture. I can’t say I’ve discovered something absolutely new… all the statistics he gave could be easily found over the net. He said, that his mission was to populate the Wikipedia her in Bulgaria, but as he mentioned this is not the right place – it is already popular here, or better to say very popular)) . For me it was more interesting to understand the social and philosophical aspects of wiki. And I think I did. First – the role of Jimmy in the project. I think his job is just to be a generator of ideas and a good manager. As he said it is not his job to know how it’s technically implemented. Although I think he does understand the technologies being used. He also has this social feeling. I mean he can understand what people like and do not, in he can quickly adapt. Second – the role of the community. The way it’s treated. I mean, in which frames it can be the most productive and involved. Or better to say how strict the rules must be. I think here Jimmy has found the right formula! He told us about the Nupedia and why it failed, and why the wiki has succeeded (actually, this was my question (shy…)).

Actually, the second part of the lecture, where he answered the questions was the most interesting. Some of them, like connected with copyright, license or the ownership of information were really good. I liked his joke: on the question “who owns the information, owns the world. Who would be the next master of the world?”, he answered politely – “well, that would be me…”.

It is hard to describe the whole lecture here. You could try to find it over the web, and make your own conclusions. But it was really cool to participate. The atmosphere was very friendly. It was interesting to try to understand his philosophy and the way he thinks.

Simply, one of the greatest!

Don’t miss this kind of lectures! If you have the smallest possibility – just go!

p.s. I will try to post some photos later))