The Picture of Dorian Gray

December 9, 2009

Hehe, two posts for two days! Is that too much?

As I mentioned Carl Sagan, I couldn’t pass some other interesting books. Well, not his books. Actually, I don’t like to read one book at a time. I always have one book for my brain and one for my soul. I cannot read technical books before sleeping. If I read them, I would simply not sleep. Before sleeping I need something of type bélles-léttres.

After reading some books of Stanislaw Lem in a sequence, I wanted something more real. I just love science fiction, but not only science fiction! And one pretty lady told me to try to read Oscar Wilde and his famous The Picture of Dorian Gray. She was very impressed by the book. So I began to read it.

Well, first I was a little bit confused… the beginning seemed a little… homosexual for me! I am not against gays, but I don’t like the way they behave! But I knew that the author was a gay. So, the beginning was strange. But, there were so many interesting phrases there. Thoughts about love, about relationships, about the humanity and so on. Some of them a read twice or even more times. So I decided to continue. And I was not wrong! I was impressed how words can turn a real angel into a monster! How other people can have an influence on us! I was thinking about myself. What thoughts are good, what are bad, and what are just waisting my time! How do other people influence me!

I wouldn’t tell you the plot. Just read it, if you have time!

After this book few days I was just lying and thinking before sleeping. I like books that make you think!


After a long break… back!

December 8, 2009

Well, this was a hard time. But I have the results. Now I am master in informatics! But, does that make me happy. Yes and no. First, I am not student anymore. Sad… But I could easily take another Master program, or maybe PHD. That’s what makes me happier! Another gut stuff is that I can read whatever I like! If, I have time of course! And Finally I got my e-book! I began with Carl Sagan with the book The Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence. It was waiting for me almost 2 years. I read it in two days (or three). I didn’t find the plot as something absolutely new, but got lots of good information to think about. I like his style! I liked the way he describes the brain, the way we communicate with each other, or even with different species (read the book to find out with whom and how:) ) I liked the way he connects psychology and physiology (and even anatomy). Well, I believe in God. And this book did not crush my belief (Actually I was a little bit worried about this question before reading it). I was once again impressed how everything was created! I strongly believe that we are not just a result of probability or chaos theory! In three words – a must read book! Now I want read his book the Cosmos once again!